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About Me

I am a multimedia designer with experience on and off line. For printed material such as stationary brochure design and exhibition graphics to on-line digital material such as web site design, interface graphics and User experience design and wireframes and animated flash marketing material. My experience stretches internationally. I Have worked with clients that range from small independent businesses that need support and creative guidance, to some of the world’s best-known blue chip companies needing the wow factor. over 6 Years of commercial experience and a commitment to clients have help to produce great results. From concept development and design, right through to production, It is important to me to have a full understanding of all clients and their current needs.

Creative View

I Live in Burghfield, Reading, Berkshire and as a born creative i have always investigated and had a great interest in different design mediums. Keeping up to date with the latest trends, experimenting with new ideas and testing my abilities is a must. Along with geeking it up with a good design mag or book also never goes a miss.


I am self confessed perfectionist and i always look at things in the finest of detail. Whether its pixel perfection and detailed alignment on websites, or finding the perfect match of colour tones across a design i never like to leave anything alone until i know it is done to the highest quality and the best of my ability.

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Fancy a chat about anything design related? Then get in touch by phone or drop me an email, Im always interested to discuss anything design.

Phone : +44 (0) 7737 186 311

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