5 Reasons why you need a designer for your wedding stationery

So it was early 2014 and 10 months to go before my beautiful fiance (Emily) and I was to get married. As a designer I obviously would be doing all our own wedding stationery design and I couldn’t wait. We began looking at ideas, themes, colours and I even managed to get Emily excited about paper stocks. Part way through, Emily said to me “I am so glad you are a designer because I can’t imagine how difficult this is for people who do it all themselves”- She was right. I am a designer and even i was feeling the stress of it a bit… So,  I stopped and looked through everything I had designed and sourced, and for someone who wants to do it themselves it is a lot if you don’t have any experience. I am sure there was more but here is the main list.

  • Save the dates + Envelopes
  • Invitations + Pocket folds
  • Information Cards
  • Direction Cards
  • RSVP +Envelopes
  • Evening Invitations
  • Order of Service
  • Seating plan
  • Place cards
  • Table Numbers
  • Sweet Signs
  • Cards & Gift Signs
  • Thank you cards
  • Oh and a Wedding website

The hardest part was finding what we wanted in the right colours, on the right paper and in the right size so everything matched and worked together.

I am not trying to put anyone off doing their own wedding stationary as some people do it really well. We had a friend who was on maternity leave so she had a lot of free time to put into it and did a brilliant job.

What people don’t realise is how much there is to do, and how much time it takes and it can make the process seem quite daunting.

So here are 5 reasons why you should hire a designer.

1. Save your time, your soul and your sanity.

You might love the idea of doing your own Wedding stationary but how does your other half feel, Yes you might not spend as much money doing it yourself, but how much time will you spend trying to find where you can get nice paper, or understand how that online design tool works? Then you get fed up and just end up settling for something your not quite happy with because the invitations should have gone out last week. Your now up to your neck in ribbon and supplies you didn’t cost for and have to draft in help from the extended family just to get them finished and sent out.

Many couples love the idea of creating their own wedding stationary but in reflection most would rather of paid for a professional to do it – saving countless hours of stress. It’s worth it especially if you want a bespoke design for special theme.

2. Bespoke design.

So you have a great design idea for your invitation, but you want to do it your self so you try using WORD. Hmm.. not quite what you imagined. Well you can always order the same invitations 100 other couples had online…Not the same as having something designed just for you though.

Most designers will meet with you to discuss your ideas. They are creatives, so any great idea you have they will be able to build on it and make it brilliant, offer some alternatives and creative guidance and then bring it all to life using professional design software.

3. Printing & Finishes

When your DIY-ing your wedding invitations how are you planning on printing? Can your home office printer really handle it? Online printers can be good but do you know how to set up print ready art work or know about special finishes or know what “bleed” is?
All this is often overlooked by people who do it themselves, running off sheet after sheet on their home printer because its just not quite right. Bet you thought it was going to be fun! Well it can be, just hire a professional designer and they’ll deliver the finishes you need, and save you countless hours or headaches.

4. Paper Matters

One disadvantage of DIY wedding invitations is the lack of choice of paper you have available. Just because your looking to save a little doesn’t mean you can’t have amazing, beautiful paper to print your invitations and wedding stationary onto. Ok, so if your trying to save you wont be looking at letterpress invitations or foils but you can still get stunning result, especially if it’s a bespoke design by a professional. Most designers know great places to go for their printing and they can also advise on the right paper and finishes to suit your budget.

5. Designers care

Every job we do at JM Creative we try and make it the best it can be, and that means something we are proud to show other people. This means that the work we could do for you isn’t just off a production line, it has meaning, quality and depth to it. We want the couples we design wedding stationary for to be proud of their save the dates, invitations, table cards, order of service, table plans etc. We take pride in what we do and it shows in the level of quality and finish we produce.

In summary

Planning a wedding is one of the most stressful things anyone can do in their lives. Investing in a Designer is one of the best things you can do when planning your wedding.

If your still unsure then why not just get in touch to talk to us.
We offer a free consultation to all Bride and Grooms in Berkshire and North Hampshire to discuss your ideas and budget.

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